What we develop

Digital Games

From the animal world to the human beings playing is one crucial factor to learn new things. Intelligent life uses this technique to train and test new behaviors. Young animals are playing to learn as a matter of survival. Human children are playing and imitating her parents to adapt and learn intelligent behavior patterns. The art of mental evolution consists of simple playing mechanisms.

Serious Games

The serious games and the gamification are used to train or motivate employees. Through embedding the education in a game system the learning is supported in many ways. The generated fun will motivate the player to carry on with the learning process. Serious games are mostly application oriented. Applied knowledge is easier to adapt and more persistent.

Adaptive Learning Systems

Children are now early starters and growing up as the first full digital native generation. This important change has not been fully covered by the education industry. Computers and mobile devices have been available for learners, but the main education process remains the same. The goal is to provide automatic customized instructions or feedback to the learner.

Our Latest Work

Adaptive Learning Systems

A changing environment can be described by a set of rules,...

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