Asset Creation

The way we look the world is objective. Blue water creates joy in your mind and the best aesthetic dresses you have make you feel confident. We feel what we see. And we become thrilled when we play. Not just the story or wining chance that keeps us hooked in, we are more attracted to what we feel in the game. The surroundings, the sound and the tea glass on the side table all create our mood to see what next in the story.

The way we create our assets are like craftsmanship to us. Details matter, flawless structure matters and all that is important to you is a must for us. We create a total gaming ecosystem with our assets to give you max out of your play time.



From the Greek mythical creature to waves of the sea, art always provoked from strong imagination collaborating with reality. Our inspiration is based on reality and covered with true human imagination. We see, we become inspired and we create and then our imagination takes the modifying hard-work. We present you what is beyond imagination, what is a future inspiration.



Perfect edges mean perfection. Our gaming world is now full of 3D animated creatures to keep you awake and to make you dream. 3D modeling is our sculpturing. Our heart pumps faster as our each model gets sharper, more ergonomically satisfactory. And when the models used in the game engine our body gets the soul and tells you the story of realistic adventure.