Armatus, a new generation of turn based moba strategy hybrid, will revolution the way of mobile gaming. Numerous crafting possibilities and competitive multiplayer integrated into the player’s campaign will bring the single and multiplayer worlds together.

The Base

The player is in charge of the gathering resources, defending and attacking and creating new technologies to dominate his enemies. In his base he has the control of crafting simulations, battle stations to structure armies and the production lines to produce troops. Research will enable new weapon and defense systems.

All characters of Armatus have their own story, desires and goals. The players choices will unlock bonus missions, free units/parts and research.


Customize your army and tailor it to suit your mission and the opponents you will face. Both heroes and units are fully configurable. Every controllable unit can be altered and specialized. Increasing a unit’s strength in one field will weaken it in another. Crafting is of great benefit when done right. A personal AI advisor will provide assistance, ensuring that you create a balanced force.

You choose your base, as well as your starting stats and abilities. Each component chosen has an effect on your stats and bonuses. Players can configure the torso, arms, legs, and head for the Armatus. The Gladius allows the chassis, gears, and motor to be customized.


Everything began with the revolt of one Miner. The salves in the mines freed themselves and formed the people’s army, called the Zeon brotherhood. The council, a tyranny, ruled by an ancient group of aristocratic leaders, tried to stop the Zeon’s with the only language the council ever has spoken: brachial violence. The Zeon’s new weapons, sent from the heavens, an enormous golden titanium golem, called Armatus, fought them back. Now two factions competing for the remaining resources of the apocalyptic desert.

The immersive story is narrated with comic cinematic.


Armatus is built around hybrid gameplay. This allows a wide variety of strategies and tactics to be used. It encourages inventive ideas and individual thinking.

Each level is laid out in a series of interconnected lanes. Units move across the map through these lanes.

Units can be requisitioned or created in game as the situation requires.

All units are capable of obeying the player’s commands. They can be ordered to move towards the enemy, defend positions, or change lanes to meet different threats.