MOBA For Beginners

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing great! As an android gamer, I will try my best to give some tips for those people who are interested in playing the android and IOS version of Armatus, which is a mobile MOBA.

I guess most gamers already know what the goal in MOBA is. Here are some tips for new MOBA players specially you may find useful.

Before actually starting the game, try do some research on our website (www.armat.us), content, forum, and blog posts for example about basics like how the Armatus, soldiers behave, how items and cards work, ability effects and so on. In the game user and interface menu, you can see more in-depth facts about your troops and their skills and stats.


The first few minutes of the game are centered on gaming experience and money so you can level up and get your ultimate skill. The game takes place in the lane which you view from the top of the map. You can start one unit on a lane and the unit will automatically move one node further per turn. When playing as a team if you have an experienced player who holds their lane, then another one can freely roam and hunt enemy troops.


Armatus has been designed to be beginner friendly so a lot of skill aiming is automatic. Use it to your advantage. Always keep an eye on your surroundings and mini map.

Patience and Teamwork

The purpose of the game is to destroy your opponent’s shrine or main building and to do that you must push the lane and lead your creeps to the enemy’s base. Push with your team and don’t go rushing too far ahead.

Know your role

Once you have a few troops available at your disposal, know their roles well. If you don’t really have a coordinated team, then check your line up if it lacks a key role. Always be ready to throw everything you’ve got in a team fight. Supporting your carry is equal to or greater than getting kill points.


Never use profanity in chat. You can complain and rant. Just be respectful when scolding new players for their mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We were all beginners once.

Thanks for reading! Game on…

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