Gaming trends that emerged in 2018

To say that gaming industry is a tumultuous one would be an understatement. New breakthroughs in the field of technology and electronics are occurring more frequently than ever before. The gaming industry gets directly or sometimes indirectly influenced by these changes. What was considering cutting edge gaming technology a couple of years ago is now considered run of the mill and thing of the past. The same logic extends to gaming trends.

Here’s a look at the top gaming trends that emerged in 2018:

E-sports gaining momentum & popularity

E-sports in a nutshell are organized competitions and tournaments where gamers compete against each other individually or as a part of a team. E-sports have recently gotten a lot of coverage in mainstream media with huge prize money up for grabs by the winner. The popularity of E-sports events are now almost on par with regular physical sports. Realizing the growing potential of this budding industry, governments of various countries have started to invest in erecting infrastructure dedicated to hosting E-sports. It’s estimated that E-sports market could be exceed 1 billion dollars in market value by 2020.

Battle royale games

Epic games Fortnite has set a precedent for all battle royale style games. It has been immensely popular and has minted a lot of cash for the developers. The trend has now gone viral with game developing companies all scrambling to include a battle royale mode. Even mobile gaming isn’t immune to the effects of this trend with games like Player’s Unknown battle ground or PUBG for short garnering overwhelming response and praise. Suffice to say battle royale gaming trend is going to be in fashion for quite some time to come.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) becoming mainstream

Virtual Reality and its variant augment reality although are in their nascent stages but their potential for gaming is huge and undeniable. Game developing companies have managed to mix together elements from both AR and VR to provide unique interaction and interface to their games. Prime example of such game are Pokemon GO and Star War Trials. Another trend that has matured during 2018 is voice recognition capabilities. For gamers who prefer to go controller free, this is an answer to a prayer! Siri on iOS is the earliest example of this technology. Taking different voice commands from users and processing them is a revolutionary step which might pale in comparison to AR and VR but nevertheless accessing your social media feed, navigating the web etc is still highly impressive stuff.

Motion sensing video games

Last but certainly not least, motion sensing video games are negating the age old mantra that video games make a person lazy. Xbox Kinect, Sony’s Move and Nintendo’s wii all have the capability to capture gamer’s physical movement and then replicate them inside a game. Games such as Xbox’s Kinect sports, Sony Move’s Sports Champions have been around for quite some time now but have recently gone through a revival phase with fine tweaking making their motion capturing horizon broader and more sophisticated.

MOBA For Beginners

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing great! As an android gamer, I will try my best to give some tips for those people who are interested in playing the android and IOS version of Armatus, which is a mobile MOBA.

I guess most gamers already know what the goal in MOBA is. Here are some tips for new MOBA players specially you may find useful.

Before actually starting the game, try do some research on our website (, content, forum, and blog posts for example about basics like how the Armatus, soldiers behave, how items and cards work, ability effects and so on. In the game user and interface menu, you can see more in-depth facts about your troops and their skills and stats.


The first few minutes of the game are centered on gaming experience and money so you can level up and get your ultimate skill. The game takes place in the lane which you view from the top of the map. You can start one unit on a lane and the unit will automatically move one node further per turn. When playing as a team if you have an experienced player who holds their lane, then another one can freely roam and hunt enemy troops.


Armatus has been designed to be beginner friendly so a lot of skill aiming is automatic. Use it to your advantage. Always keep an eye on your surroundings and mini map.

Patience and Teamwork

The purpose of the game is to destroy your opponent’s shrine or main building and to do that you must push the lane and lead your creeps to the enemy’s base. Push with your team and don’t go rushing too far ahead.

Know your role

Once you have a few troops available at your disposal, know their roles well. If you don’t really have a coordinated team, then check your line up if it lacks a key role. Always be ready to throw everything you’ve got in a team fight. Supporting your carry is equal to or greater than getting kill points.


Never use profanity in chat. You can complain and rant. Just be respectful when scolding new players for their mistakes. Nobody is perfect. We were all beginners once.

Thanks for reading! Game on…

Free to play games of 2018

Hearing the term “free to play” invokes a couple of reactions from gamers. Firstly, elation that they don’t have spend money on it but preceding that reaction is the “oh its free to play, has to be subpar and there’s gotta be a catch”. Those reactions are thing of the past thanks to games like Fortnite. Free to play games are getting grander, more intricately made and on par with AA titles. Without further delay here’s a list of 7 upcoming free to play games of 2018:


The name of the game would immediately be recognized by fans of “The Witcher” series. The polish developers CD projekt took the RPG world by storm with the third and final installment of their game. Gwent was an in game card game (for a lack of better term) which is now available as a separate game in beta version. Gwent proved to be so popular that players spent hours playing it and thus got made into a separate game. Even If you are not familiar with the Witcher game series, you are going to enjoy indulging in this game of wits. Full-fledged version of the game is due for release sometime in late 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for it!


This game is going to be a common entry on every free to play gaming article. Why? Simply because it’s too much fun to play and provides a free play alternative to Capcom’s Monster Hunter. The premise of dauntless is a simple. The protagonist must slay monsters to protect a human colony. What the game might seem like lacking in premise, makes up for it by providing a variety of monsters to hunt and crafting unique gear to do so. Dauntless is available on the PC platform for now but who knows it might get ported to consoles soon! Fingers crossed for that!

Unreal tournament

Wait a minute! Unreal tournament isn’t free to play and it isn’t new? Right on but there’s a new version about to be released of this beloved game which is going to be totally free and would be devoid of loot boxes. The game would be sort of open source as developers will be allowed to give away things in the market place. There will be some in game purchasing but it will be skins and items made by the fans from around the world. This is one title which is going to be the most eagerly anticipated game of 2018.

Fortnite – Battle Royale

Now how could we leave out the most awesome and biggest free to play game of this year? Fortnite’s battle royale mode has been the most successful free to play game of the year. According to a report the player count has exceeded 125 million already! There’s another mode of Fortnite called save the world which is basically a PvE but its not free to play and hence doesn’t get a spot on our list. Rumors are that it will be free to play in the near future but till then we shall stick to battle royale.

Is online gaming beneficial for children

Is gaming beneficial for children or not! The topic has always been like opening a proverbial can of worms. Majority of the parents I know have the same opinion about gaming that it’s a waste of time, rots the brain and is possibly the reason for plague outbreak! Ok I may have gone overboard with the plague bit but it’s no secret that parents and educationist frowned upon gaming and all its types.

But such negative opinions are steadily changing now and in a way parents and educationists are directly responsible for it. The vehemence and vitriol displayed by parents led scientists and researchers to conduct in depth studies on gaming and its effect on children. Here’s an unbiased and impartial extract of their findings. For sake of clarity (and because I recently discovered how awesome comparisons look in tabular format) I am going to place the most potent objections raised on gaming side by side with findings of scientists:

Objections about gaming What research says about gaming
Online gaming makes children antisocial and hostile towards others On the contrary, researchers have found that online gaming fosters a sense of comradery and community in children. It makes them better at achieving tasks as a part of a team, teaches them how to work together in coordination.
Gaming especially online gaming can cause addiction Yes, it can! But so can a lot of other things we deem healthy. Moderation is the key to avoid addiction. Specify a time slot in the day for gaming preferably when all the school work has been taken care of.
Gaming makes children lethargic and slow Research has shown that gaming fine tunes motor functions, hand – eye coordination and spatial skills. A typical gaming session requires the player to follow and coordinate multiple activities on screen which requires sharp focus and multitasking. With the advent of VR games which actually require mimicking onscreen behavior a lot of physical activity is required.
Gaming rots the brain Gaming especially online gaming requires split second decision making and equally fast situational analysis. Simulation games are so accurately made nowadays that law enforcement agencies and even the military has made use of them for training their personnel.
Gaming is a waste of time Through gaming children learn a lot of important things while having fun such as reading on screen text to follow the storyline, quantitative skills to manage resources, solving puzzles that require mathematical skills and pattern recognition.


In light of the above demonizing gaming isn’t justified at all however parents need to moderate and control the time spent on gaming just like they would regulate playing time outside. Last but not least gaming has been falsely held responsible for inducing violent tendencies in children. This false accusation has been laid to rest recently by a research conducted by the University of York which couldn’t find any correlation between gaming and children becoming progressively violent. Here’s an extract directly from the report “”The findings suggest that there is no link between these kinds of realism in games and the kind of effects that video games are commonly thought to have on their players.”