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    • Unranked game: A normal game that will be hold to gain some experience and have some fun.
    • Ranked game: These game stats will be saved and included in the player ranking. The player can fight in different competitions and leagues. The difference to a normal game is the equipment exchange. Each player of the winner team will get (the weakest) one equipment from every mech of the loser team. This exchange guarantee item exchange between the community and gives a huge motivation to not lose the game.
    • Arena game: Will be the same as the ranked game. Instead of removing one equipment on loose, the whole mech will be lost on loose (permadeath). This kind of games will be logged and presented in (live) channels. Clans that are in dispute can solve their problems in the arena. The arena will be the most dangerous place for players in MECH WARS!

    dark Breed

    to arena game: will all items lost???? this is bad!



    The arena games are exclusive matches, that are hold for special events or initiated by players. The items will be lost, but you can build your mech again. The arena will only for gamers, that loves the adrenaline. For other players the ranked games are enough. So you are free to choose your play mode.


    General Wolve

    I know its a MOBA, but can await anytime a offline mode with bots? Or something like a story mode?



    I agree. Absolutely should make skirmish modes against ai an option. As well as multiple teams, combination of ai and player teams to fill matchmaking quicker. Have say 3 preset ai difficulty levels and 3 tiers for matchmaking.
    Hopefully there is hopes of a unique faction system as well. A united alliance type and a resistance/rebel and either the 3rd being an unknown like alien tech or perhaps mutants

    Would like to see wild creeps as well perhaps guarding loot or bases that can be capped for a bonus or perk and the xp from kills

    I better stop I’m too passionate that theres going to finally be a game worth playing on mobile soon.
    Oh… and the number 1 thing don’t make it ptw or freemium. Don’t do it. It ruins everything. Player skill and game devotion should be the only factors in game play. Not my credit card. I don’t care if the game costs 15 bucks and has expansions and new content for cash. But If I have to buy power or stamina to battle and wait on cool down timers all that bs then i will be out

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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