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    The game progresses in two phases. In the first phase mechs are built and prepared for combat. Afterwards every mech is provided with a unit squad (creeps). Unit types will be built by the automated factories, which have to be conquered by the player. The right mech and unit configuration is mandatory to dominate the battlefield.
    In the second phase, which is the battle phase, every player uses his armed forces to battle the enemy.

    Building Phase
    The player has to find the right Mech configuration and save them for later usage in battles. Every mech configuration has benefits and disadvantages. The sum of equipment will determine the Mechs character. A heavily armed mech will be weak in early game, but evolve into a superior Mech destroyer later on. A lightly armed and fast Mech, is strong at the beginning and crush creeps easily while losing effectiveness. An example set of equipment and configurations will be presented in the next section.

    Battlefield Phase
    The map consists of different lines starting from the player’s base to the enemy base. Each line has branches to automated factories. The player has to conquer these factories to build more complex units. Every factory is guarded by a defense structure. The factory can be reconquered or destroyed while gameplay.


    General Wolve

    Hey developer-team, Very nice. This concept looks interesting! For me it’s sounds like, that you have to make in first place personalized decisions to prepare for war. At the same time you can or even must work and fight in team. Strategy and little RGP at one. I like that kind of games.

    Hope we can play this game asap and test it!



    Where I can find more information about that?



    You can browser our forum. The game information is split among the topics. For example you will find information about the mech building in the sub forum “Mech Building and Modification”. Have fun!

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